Brand: Orbzii

Production company: House Band
Agency: Add Mustard
Director: Alex Southam
Producer: Tony Powell & Pranav Arya
My Role: Line Producer/Agency Producer
Additional Information: We shot this film on a Virtual Production stage using Unreal Engine technology. A new sustainable way of producing work.

Brand: Flare ...

Brand: Flare Productions
Title: Flare Productions Showcase
Production company: Flare Productions
Agency: AMV BBDO
Director: N/A
Photographer: N/A
Producer: N/A
My Role: Executive Producer
Additional Information: This reels showcases some of the work we produced over a four year period from when I helped set up and ran Flare Productions for AMV BBDO. During that time we worked with an eclectic and diverse group of talent and very often gave a lot of young directors their first opportunity. We worked with more women directors and Directors of Colour in our four years than AMV had in their history. We worked across all the brands and have shot pretty much everywhere in the world. Our team is now thriving in the industry and is some of the most sought after talent around.