Sofia Ferrara

3rd Assistant Director in Features & TV Drama

Also available as a:
Floor Runner

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I was born in Italy, I studied in the United States and moved to the UK to attend University in 2016.
After graduating from the National Film and Television School with a diploma in Assistant Directing and Floor Running in 2021, I moved to London and I have been working as an AD in Film, TV and Commercials ever since.
I have 3 years of experience working for productions produced by Netflix, Apple TV, Disney, BBC and I have worked on commercial content with various clients such as ASDA, Qatar Airways and Burberry.

Selected credits

Features & TV Drama

Prod Co Title Type Director Producer 1st AD Role


The Diplomat season 2

TV Drama

Alex Graves

Jim Imber

Set PA

Mary & George ltd.

Mary & George

TV Drama

Alex Winkler

Jon Finn

Alex Streeter

Crowd PA

SDTA Productions for Apple TV


TV Drama

Alfonso Curon

Gaby Rodriguez, Donald Sabourin

Tom Reynolds

Set PA

Lady Jane Pictures ltd. for Amazon

My Lady Jane

TV Drama

Jamie Babbit

Paula McBreen

Adam Morris

Crowd PA


Bob Marley Biopic

Feature Film

Rei Marcus Green

Bob Teitel, Jeremy Kleiner, Dede Gardner

Barrie McCullogh

Crowd PA

History Huh

Red, White & Royal Blue

Matthew Lopez

Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Micheal McGrath

Ben Lanning

3rd AD

Rvk. Studios


Balthasar Kormakur

Balthasar Kormakur, Olafur Johann Olafsson

Harpa Elísa Þórsdóttir

Crowd 3rd

Sussex Martyrs Productions

The Burning Girls

Charles Martin

Oliver Kent

Mark Challenor

Crowd 3rd

Ecosse Films

The Great Escaper

Oliver Parker

Robert Bernstein, Douglas Rae

Paul Murphy

Crowd PA

Type 3 Productions

Lockwood and Co.

Catherine Morshead

James Biddle

Neil Wallace

Crowd PA (dailies)

Expendables Productions Limited

Expendables 4

Scott Vaugh

Avi Lerner, Kevin King-Templeton, Les Weldon, Yariv Lerner, Jason Statham

Ben Lanning

Crowd PA

SeeSaw Productions

Slow Horses

James Hawes

Jane Robertson

George Walker

Crowd PA (dailies)

Little Satellite Productions

The People we Hate at the Wedding

Claire Scanlon

Ashley Fox, Margot Hand

Adam Morris

Crowd PA (dailies)

Left Bank Pictures


Bill Eagles

Nuala O'Leary

James Emmott

Floor Runner

SDTA Productions


Brad Anderson

Simon Kinberg, David Weil, Audrey Chon, David Witz

Alex Holt

Floor Runner

Expectation TV

The Chelsea Detective

Richard Signy

Ella Kelly

Dominic Davey

Base Runner (cover)

Tannadice Pictures

The Gold

Aneil Karia

Charlie Leech

Tom Heaven

Base Runner

Aidem Media


Guy Nattiv

Jane Hooks, Micheal Kuhn

Steve Robinson

Floor Runner

Minim UK Productions

Better Things - Season 5

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon, Joe Hortua, Dara Weintraub

Susan Flowers

Floor Runner

Dust Bunny

Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania

Dan DeLeeuw

Kevin De La Noy

Joe Geary

Floor Runner (dailies)



Toby Haynes

Kate Hazell, David Meanti

Barrie McCulloch

Floor Runner Crowd PA (dailies)

SDTA Productions

Masters of the Air

Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks, Stephen Spielberg

Martin Curry

Floor Runner (dailies)

Shoe Bucket Productions

The Sandman


Jamie Childs, Samson Mucke

Richard Harris, Gareth Tandy

Floor Runner (dailies)

Shoe Bucket Ltd.

Ted Lasso

Declan Lowny

Andrew Warren

Sophie Worger

TV Commercials / Branded Content

Date Prod Co / Agency Brand / Title Type Director Producer 1st AD Role

2021 - Nov

Fortemus Films

Qatar Airways + Rodge & Ched Khaled 2022


Clemence Bartram

Rob Jowers

Michael Roe

Key Floor Runner


  • Italian (native speaker)


  • University of Aberdeen - Undergraduate Degree in Film Studies and English Literature
  • National Film and Television School - Postgraduate Diploma in Assisting Directing and Floor Managing

Technical Skills

  • Movie Magic Scheduling Microsoft Office Suite

Additional Skills

  • Valid driving license
  • Comfortable driving vans
  • Car owner