Jamie Wolfeld


Available as a:
Camera Operator

Title: Hiding in the ...

Title: Hiding in the Shadows
Production company: Old Oak Film
Director: Jamie Wolfeld
Producer: Angus MacInnes
My Role: Director

Title: Uprooted: The ...

Title: Uprooted: The Olympic Tribe
Production company: Tondowski Films / Elf Pictures / Gallivant Film
Director: Balint Revesz
Producer: Alex Tondowski
My Role: DoP / Co-Creator
Additional Information: A TV hour documentary that follows an indigenous Indonesian community as it tries to find the people behind the destruction of their rainforest. We began working on this documentary in 2017, in 2020 it aired on ARTE in Germany and France. Since then we have been commissioned to create a feature version of the film which is currently in post production.

Title: Katy J Pearson...

Title: Katy J Pearson - Alligator
Production company: Ramshackle Productions
Agency: Heavenly Recordings
Director: Edie Lawrence
Producer: Iain McCray Martin
My Role: DoP

Brand: V&A Upcycling

Production company: Gallivant Film
Director: Orban Wallace
My Role: Camera Operator

Title: Another News ...

Title: Another News Story
Production company: Wislocki Films / Gallivant Film
Director: Orban Wallace
Producer: Verity Wislocki
My Role: Camera Operator / Co-Producer
Additional Information: Award winning feature documentary. Winner of the impact doc award and shortlisted for best international documentary at the Grierson awards. The film has over 30 international festival selections.

Brand: Flora

Title: Get Towns Active - Mark Wright & Paula Radcliffe
Production company: Bear Jam Productions
Director: Tristan Harrison
Producer: Tristan Harrison
My Role: Camera Operator